Wednesday, June 3, 2009

preparation phase - DONE!

All done!
Here they are. The next time I will post is after the art exhibit. I managed to change the date from the 12th of June to the 5th of June.
This one above turned out sweet and simple after all that turmoil I had with it. Like a 2 year old going through it's tantrums.

And this one also turned out nice. A bit busy for my taste, but I do like the mood again. You can almost hear the...crowd at a soccer game. Why a soccer ball up there? Because I was so desperate at one point that I got up from my desk and started digging through the kids craft drawers. It's the colors that caught my eye, the black and white.

And my little prince. The mat does wonders for it. And the frame was one I got at a thrift shop. I tried to dry brush some blue on the gold.....didn't work out so well, had to wipe it right off. But you can see a few speckles here and there.I called this one Shattered. She looks stunned, surprised, taken she just discovered a little mouse in her house!"Oh darling..." She looks heavy eyed, glamorous and ready for a cocktail on her fancy sofa.

A sneak peak above. ....It looks ok right????It;s not all of them, just some of the new ones.

Keo was also inspired to paint. So serious!

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