Wednesday, June 3, 2009

art preparation - phase. "almost there"-

At this point I had gone over that hump of no return and pieces were well under way. I knew which ones where coming with me and my framing situation was finalized. I got some framed properly and it cost a good amount and also got some ready made frames at Michaels and that seemed to be just as good for looks. My canvas pieces were not framed and that saved money and time. I learned SO much about framing and mats. Thanks Jess for your tips along the way...
Here they are almost done!Bright and colorful one really gave me a headache. Finished it just today. Whew!
The cut paper ones were fun to make and required me to go into the "field" for inspiration. Watching the kids play and swing on trees was really fun cause I got to think about how I would go about making just that scene, so I was really attentive.

I thought these old ornate frames would look good, but then thought they made the picture a bit dark? So I opted for unfinished wooden frames from Michaels. At least for the 5 cut paper pieces I did they all have the same frame. Unity, unity, unity. whatever...

The final steps! Retracing an eye with pen and ink, adding a jewel to the headpiece. How glamorous indeed!

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