Wednesday, June 3, 2009

art show preparation - phase 1

I thought I would have enjoyed blogging my way through this month of art madness, but I haven't even had a moment to pet my poor doggy petunia, who is going sadly blind. She also can't hear very well :( She can see but only 5 feet in front of her. I've enjoyed having her by my feet as I make some art and then her following me off to bed in the wee hours of the morning. I did take some pics of the work in progress. It was an interesting month. I was excited to do show my work, take on this challenge. Then I got a bit desperate thinking I did not have enough pieces and that my stuff was not good enough, then I would get my confidence and plunge forward making trips to Home Depot and buying 4X10 large pieces of plywood to create something....only to find that I probably did not have enough time to embark on that project. So I kept my sites on my few pieces of canvas I had around the house and worked on those instead. It did though manage to make frames for the larger wood pieces and coated them in primer , just in case, and of course for my next show...Here was the start of something that I thought would come through. The one in the red head dress was my favorite for such a long time. And well, it never made it. It got left behind somewhere in the midst of the other pieces. I enjoy working on 5 or so pieces at a time. Gives me room to experiment, use up extra paint, and move off one piece when it is driving me mad. And the one to the left of it I hated for sooooo long. Now it happens to be one of my favorite.Here were two others I was working on simotainiously. I was not liking the one on the left at all, so I changed it. The one on the right I love so much. The finished product is even better.

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