Wednesday, June 3, 2009

art show preparation - phase 2

Here is my art desk, the one I can mess up and spill paint on. I'll have to post my super duper design desk one day. The one I do all my computer art on. It's a nice large super desk! But this desk has had it share of everything. This piece of art is the one from before, the one I was not liking. And even today, I'm just "ok" about it. It's maybe too dark? To busy? To much of something. Anyhow, this is my space where I did some painting. But actually I spent a lot of time here doing my cut outs work. It's so messy! Kenji keeps asking "mom....when are you going to clean up your art room?" I'm like " I will, I will....soon."

And here is that long canvas piece that was going somewhere and then took a wrong turn! I was hating it for being so stubborn!
and then it came to something like this. Something I kinda liked but still I didn't. But at least it was better than it was a few days earlier here below! Yikes!!!!
and then again, here is the one I thought I was so sure of (sigh...) It looked so promising. But no. not today, not next week.

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