Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sun and sea

Oh, did I ever mention where we live? This is our backyard :) ....sure. Actually this is the amazing "Boutique Hotel" we stayed at in Cocoa Beach, Florida called "Beach Place and Sand Dollar Guesthouses".
We woke up every morning and took that 10 second walk to the beach. Literally right on the beach, open your door and there you are.
Our Easter holiday in sunny Florida was great. The Easter bunny came and hid eggs in our rooms AND at our house in Virginia (at 2am...). What lucky children.
Our stay here was much fun and extremely inspirational. The place was done in the fashion of Antonio Guadi, the Spanish architect/artist of Spain. It was a very jungle like environment and the kids had a blast. Kenji spent his afternoons between catching reptiles with his fishing net and body boarding, and Keo just followed Kenji everywhere he went, thumb in mouth.

This is some of the work Antonio Guadi does that I saw in Spain long long ago...

Inspiring? I would say so!

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