Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mama and Baby - #1

Madre y Bebe. Estoy haciendo 6 pintoras al mismo tiempo. Esta aqui me parece que viene de Africa, o del Peru. En las Montanas del los Andes.
I started these 6 drawings last week. This is the first. I work on around this many at a time so that I can jump to another one if and when I get 'stuck' or its not speaking to me any more. Ones that appear so engaging in the beginning don't always stay that way, and others like this one that appeared lost and lifeless at first have now come into it's own. I have 5 left to finish. I'm journaling my work as I go. Every couple days I write what I have done to stay on top of my artwork. With my new job :) I want to make sure that I don't leave drawing behind. I Went to an art exhibit yesterday ;A Colombian artist who has been here for only 5 months. Her work was wonderful and vibrant. Also, my Chilean friend recommended visiting this South American Artists Website. I did....and fell in love. Renatte Neumann:

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