Thursday, July 9, 2009

summer days...

Kenji went on his first overnight camp at Smith Mountain, Virginia. It was strange seeing him off but saying goodbye wasn't so bad. He signed up for activities such as canoeing, kayaking, fishing and woodworking. He was gone for a whole week...I packed him a gift that he could open every single morning, little things like a ball, some gummy bears, fun tattoos. I also sent him a package that Monday morning after we dropped him off so that he'd get it by Wednesday...JM says I went over board, but I don't think I did :) I don't know how much he appreciated it though...never said much about it. But he did come home with a new "big" counselor friend above named "Jello" It seems as though they really got along, she said he was so sweet. I keep asking me what he liked about her, and all he ever says is" I dunno"...
My mom made Kenji a welcome home sign there on the post :) Kenji was happy to be home to find sticks and bugs.
My mom winding down from the fast paced week we just had. She found Blacksburg lovely and we had such a wonderful time together. We met so many people while she was here and did so many things. Thanks mama for the beautiful basket there you bought us!

The view from Jo and Gildas house.

And - I sold two paintings at my show. You can actually see them below at my opening show. I'm standing with Veronica in one of them, and Yoko with the other. They were purchased by people I don't even know who were not at the opening show. Funny huh? These people just walked into Mish Mish, browsed around the store, went to the gallery and then said to themselves "ah, yes, I like THIS one! "I don't know who these people were but I do have their names...I don't have there contact info, but...I would like to. One guy named Tom Gordon bought my "an evening in London" - one of my favorites. And the other guy named Harold Jones bought " Vanity Fair" Men bought my work. Both men! Kenji was there when I picked up my check from the gallery. It was such a funny feeling. I was sad first to know they were gone. Gone forever somewhere, somewhere out there in Blacksburg. Kenji and I stood there gazing out into the town and all I kept saying was"Kenji , can you believe my artwork is out there somewhere?, in someones house right now....gone forever!!!" He just smiled with excitment only a 9 year old would have and said " in a museum somewhere!" :)

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