Tuesday, July 14, 2009

garden wine tasting - round 1

So this was the line up: 1. Maipe Torrontes 2008 2. Alta Vista Torrontes 2006 3. Maipe Malbec 2008 4. Viejo Isaisas 2007 5.Punto Final 2007
And the winners were...#1Maipe Torrontes and #4 Viejo Isaisas! ..Alta Vista didn't do so well, but we did not have a problem polishing that one off did we...

"Le Boulanger" of Dehart Street. Fresh Bread and none left over.

And the matching cheeses: Cashel Blue , Herbed Chevre, Chevre with olives and spicy peppers, Spanish Manchego, goes with this and goes with that, blah blah blah...

Checking out the wine selection.

A garden view, so lovely!

so proper!

oh my! -so distinguished!!!

so full..

The children and the lightning bugs, what a sight!

Later in the evening...

and on and on...
My bayba Keo not feeling so good, but still so cute!

and much much later in the evening... The Airport Acres Poker Posse enjoying the midnight air, and that one left over wine.

~Thanks Ginger for all your help and everyone for all the food and company! Thanks Sarah for the photos!!!


Jess said...

yes please...I'll take some of EVERYTHING!

hechicera said...

I will make a toast with those two wines for all the effort you put into making life better and nicer for all the ones you touch. Love you sweetie. Your mom.