Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a blank canvas

What is this blog to me? Why do I write and why do I post? I have been asking myself these questions recently. Before, this blog was a way for me to keep a log of my artwork and share with family and friends. Recently, it has been a way for me to document my daily life at home with the kids this year. I buy journals, rarely to write in them, but because they look so pretty sitting on my shelf. I must have 30 or so empty very beautiful journals. I have a few that are filled and Kenji, my 9 year old finds them quite interesting and amusing to read and has now taken up journaling himself. He loves to read what I thought when I was 12. Really gets a kick out of it. Hides in a corner giggling like he really is reading a very private and very secret diary of a girl...
Anyway I am going to jump once again on the art making wagon and see where it takes me. I will also post pictures of moments that I love. I never thought myself much of a writer and you may not either :) but I think I quite enjoy it.
Also, I have been asked to do a solo art show in town. And I haven't a clue what to show. Much of my work is from last year or so and I feel that I need to produce some new pieces, something fresh something fun. I haven't a clue when and what I will do. Maybe some cut paper experimentation. Maybe some daily scenes. I think it should reflect my daily life. I'm thinking fashion as well. I'm thinking kids too. I'm thinking simple and clean lines. Because I have been granted this opportunity and it is coming upon me so quickly - in June, then I must get to work.
Where o'where can I find some inspiration...
I will start today.

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