Tuesday, March 31, 2009

toe dance and a school art contest

He sat there not one bit interested in following my 'directions'. From the moment he got the the paints out and the smock on he had not intention of listening to the what I had to say. The rules? forget about it. The colors? forget about it. He was going to do it his way or no way. I pretty much had to stand back with my hands crossed all huffy and upset that he was not into the project I had set out for him to do. Then! he broke out with the pen in toe dance. It lasted a good 20 minutes. He didn't need me one bit. Maybe just to put the red sharpie on his other toe every once in awhile.
Art room madness. He lay there cutting paper for hours on end. The topic being "What the Future Holds for Me" a school contest being held that challenges its students to answer this question any way they feel inspired to do so. Kenji choose an art project. Not sure if he is keeping the topic in mind... as he constructs these robots and alien looking figures. hmm. What he came up with was very Kenji-like though: spaceships and robots blasting off into outer space, underground tunnels and armoured minors in search of something and spikey spined dinosaur fossils rooted in the ground. It was a good break from video games and cartoons on the weekend AND it inspired him to work towards something artistic that had a beginning and "due by date". He was definitely in "the zone" that week.

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