Sunday, October 14, 2007

Older Work, first pieces.

This link will take you to another site, my very first attempt at blogging my art that I don't update anymore in order to keep all my pictures and artwork in one place. But it's worth a visit's too much work to transfer all that over to this blog. The artwork and sketches there, on this other blog were my very first postings and artwork as a matter of fact. Posted between Jan and March of 2007, although they were probably created a few months before. I tend to do a bunch of artwork post them all in one go, then let my blog go stale as I get busy on the art again, then post. I'm trying to get out of that habit I'm also trying to get at writing a bit more on my art and posting more than just artwork, but more pictures that I take and life around. Also some more journaling in, with or without art and pictures. Let's see how it goes.
Visit my very first blog here :)

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